Спешен фонд за "Бедстващи деца семейства и специалисти"

Emergency Fund for "Distressed Children, Families and Specialists"


In the first days of 2021, according to the Julian calendar, we launched a charity initiative in support of the future of Bulgaria - our children. The NMD Emergency Fund for Distressed Children, Families and Specialists, funded by the Kahane Foundation and implemented by the Social Activities Department of the KUZMANOV Foundation, aims to support needy children and students with COVID-19.
The team of pharmacists of "Vita" pharmacies - Shumen also took part in the charity event. Mr. Victor Velinov (from the pharmacy "Vita -2") for two days selected the most appropriate drugs for faster recovery of children / students sick or suffering from COVID-19. The drugs were ranked according to the age group of the patients.
For faster recovery, each child / student (respectively their needy families) will receive: probiotics, vitamins, immunostimulants, masks and more.
Each package of food supplements and medicines was initially supposed to be worth BGN 50. Mr. Viktor Velinov from Vita pharmacies added a few more medicines and included more expensive food supplements, and therefore more suitable for children, at his own expense. Thus, he increased the value of each package by BGN 20 (as a DONATION on his part) and now the value of one package of medicines is BGN 70.
The next stage, which is expected to be realized in the period 18-22.01.2021, is 20 extremely needy children / students (respectively their families) from already determined educational institutions, from northern and southern Bulgaria, in poor financial condition, and now patients with Kovid-19 to receive the medication packages.
These will be children / students of Bulgarian, Roma and Turkish origin, and for whom education is a priority.
20 children / students (respectively their families) X BGN 70 (in the form of probiotics, vitamins, immunostimulants, masks, etc.) = BGN 1,400 will be supported.
Or thanks to Mr. Velinov we have increased the financial support by 40% And so with our modest support we hope to have healthier, happier and more smiling children.
P.S. Until the packages of food supplements are received by the needy children / students, the medicines will be in responsible custody by the office dog of our Foundation - Rex.