Нов член в състава на Съвета на Фондация КУЗМАНОВ

New member of the Board of the KUZMANOV Foundation


Dear friends,

On January 31, 2021, a regular meeting of the Council of the KUZMANOV Foundation was held. Along with: reports, development guidelines, financial information and other current issues, a new member of the Board of the KUZMANOV Foundation was accepted.

"In order to attract new people to our organization to work with to fulfill the goals of the Foundation, I propose to include a new member in the Board of the Kuzmanov Foundation," said Mr. Atanas Kuzmanov during the meeting.
Mr. Kaloyan Dimitrov is 28 years old and has known the activities of our organization almost since its inception. As a student, Mr. Dimitrov participated in some activities of the Foundation, held at that time in Sofia. Mr. Kaloyan Dimitrov has an economic education and a sharp mind, which we believe will be useful for the development of existing and planning of new activities of the KUZMANOV Foundation.
The other members of the Board of the Foundation shared the opinion that it is important for the organization to develop, with the acceptance of new people who on the one hand to bring new energy and ideas, and on the other hand to be trained and involved in our activities. management.

We thank Mr. Kaloyan Dimitrov Dimitrov for his readiness to work in the non-governmental sector, to create good deeds and to participate in the management of one of the largest training organizations, not only in Bulgaria.

The team of KUZMANOV Foundation